Monday, September 8, 2008

Help With Becoming Better Known on the Web

Our Clients
Sole proprietors and partnerships of two to three people are becoming more prevalent as boomers leave Corporate life for a different lifestyle or as individuals like myself apply their expertise to a new venture. These entrepreneurs are seeking help with using the Web to market their product and or service.

A Branding Statement

Today Google search results, especially the first page, can be viewed as a branding statement, the new abbreviated CV. We came up with the concept of "The Whole Brand" in order to insure the founder's statement is as positive, robust, and relevant as possible. After building one for myself and the new venture,, the voices of sustainability, it became clear branding on the Web is not just about the familiar corporate identity.

These organic search results are not limited to the new company or service, but to all four levels of the The Whole Brand. They are: (1) individual, (2) company, (3) product/service, and (4) category.

How We Help You
The Whole Brand program includes three telephone calls one of which is an eGuide, a one-on-one presentation requiring just a computer and telephone - no travel.

Handouts include a presentation overview for note taking during the presentation and a WB Checklist after the presentation that indicates tasks, priorities and approximate timing.

The Whole Brand Program is $375.00.

The Whole Brand Program

1. Pre-presentation Call 1/2 Hour

Where are you in terms of your online presence?
Your objectives?

2. eGuide Presentation (week after Pre-presentation call) 1.5 Hours

2:00 Sign-in, sync computers
2:10 Presentation, Part 1
2:40 Q/A, Break
2:50 Presentation, Part 2
3:20 Q/A, Next Steps
3:30 Sign Off

3. Post presentation Call (1 to 2 weeks after presentation), 1/2 hour
Q/A and next steps

To discuss your requirements, please call me directly at 415.449.1706.

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